Master Classes, Lectures on Film Architecture

Conversation on the Craft of Filmmaking - interview with Laszlo Rajk by Toni Pennacchia on Spoiler Alert Radio Podcast, February 3, 2016 

2019 ____________________________________________________________________

Masterclass at the TAU FILM FESTIVAL, in cooperation with the the Film Department of Beit Berl College, Cinematheque TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel (June 18, 2019)

City Space, as a Vicious Circle - visual design of Béla Tarr's Man from London movie / Workshop at the Vilmos Zsigmond Film Festival (Szeged, Belvárosi Mozi, May 30, 2019) 

Structural Transformations of the Public Sphere / Colloquium and workshop, (Center for Human Values, Priceton UniversityUSA, April 26-27,) 

2018 ____________________________________________________________________

City Space, as a Vicious Circle - visual design of Béla Tarr's Man from London movie / Workshop at the Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival (Szolnok, Tisza Mozi, October 17, 2018.)  

How to camouflage your political message? Lecture at the Central European University, CEU (January 29, 2018)

2017 ____________________________________________________________________

Art Department Masterclass, Vilnius (November 28, 2017) 

5th Bosphorus Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey (November 17-26, 2017)

2016 ____________________________________________________________________

Sarajevo Film Academy, Film Factory, Sarajevo, Bosnia (December 1-10, 2016) 

Middlesex University, School of Media and Performing Arts, London, UK  (November 29, 2016)

Ryerson University, School of Image Arts, Faculty of Communications and DesignToronto, Canada (November 8, 2016)

Holocaust Education Week - Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk, Toronto, Canada (November 7, 2016) 

Concordia University, Montreál, Canada (November 4, 2016) 

Sarajevo Film Academy, Film Factory, Sarajevo, Bosnia (April 7-16, 2016) 

Visegrad Film Forum, Bratislava, Slovakia (April 5-6, 2016) 

Art Department Masterclass, Reykjavík, Iceland (March 6-8, 2016) 

Stockfish Film Festival, Reykjavík, Iceland (February 26-28, 2016) - "Third Epoch of Production Design? Son of Saul and it’s Visualization” - see the lecture

2013-215  _________________________________________________________________

Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Mexico City, Mexico (April 2015) 

Sarajevo Film Academy (Film Factory)Sarajevo, Bosnia (November 2014) 

Library of Congress,  Washington D.C., USA(February 2014)  City Space as a Vicious Circle: Visual Design in Béla Tarr's "Man from London” - see the lecture 

Princeton University,  Princeton, USA(February 2014) 

Member of the International Jury - The 14th Tbilisi International Film Festival Tbilisi, Georgia (December 2013)

City Space as a Vicious Circle - visual design of Bela Tarr's Man from London.” - Tbilisi International Film Festival, Georgia (December 2013) 

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