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The undersigned are members and supporters of the former dissident movements in Central and Eastern Europe (2010- )

Frottages protesting against the anti-democratic practices of the Orban-regime and the FIDESZ-government. (2010- )

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Hungarian Democratic Opposition (1971-1989)

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László Rajk as a human rights activist is famous for anti-regime activities. As an architect, he became the member of the Hungarian avant-garde movement. From 1975 he joined the Democratic Opposition, the underground political movement in Hungary, therefore from 1980 he was black-listed, and was not allowed to work under his own name. In 1981 with Gábor Demszky (Major of Budapest from 1990 until 2010) he founded the independent, underground AB Publishing House, and ran an illegal bookstore from his apartment called "Samizdat Boutique". 


Alliance of Free Democrats - SZDSZ (1988-2009)



He was one of the founder of the Network of Free Innitiatives and the liberal party, the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), and served six years in Parliament after free elections in 1990. 

Member of the Board, and the Council

Head of the Budapest Office
He designed the first logo of SZDSZ and its first Newspaper.


Hungarian Parliament 

Member of Parliament, as a candidate of the Alliance of Free Democrats, 1990-1996
Member of the Committee on Culture and Education
Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs


International Missions

World Movement for Democracy, 7th Assembly, Lima, Peru

Adviser to the Hungarian National UNESCO Committee (World Heritage)

UNESCO World Heritage Conference, Merida

Consultant to the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Washington, USA
participated in several missions in: Benin, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Georgia, Madagascar, Niger, Slovenia, Azerbaidzan

Observer of several electoral missions in:
Udmurtia (Russia) - delegated by the East-West Parliamentary Practice Projec (Holland)
Serbia - delegated by the Est-Ouest Foundation (Paris)
Rumania - delegated by the Est-Ouest Foundation (Paris)
Rumania - delegated by the Hungarian Parliament
Estonia - delegated by the Hungarian Parliament

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