Key Position

Rajk, László 1983 (11 [1] pp.)
Comic strip for In Memoriam Bibó
Not accepted by the editorial board Unfinished
Number of copies:40, Technique: xerox, Size: A4
Edit Sasvári: Key Position (On the samizdat works of László Rajk)


Comic strip illustrating the script of the film documentary Rabotnicy '80 
AB Independent Press, 1982
Technique: xerox 
The script was published, the comic was pulped - only one page survived.

Flying to Lichtenstein is Dangerous

Rajk, László 1979 (16 [3] pp.)
Number of copies: 40, Technique: xerox
Civic Centres Competition strip, a supplement to "Diary"
Excised from the "Diary" selection published in 1992.

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