2017 _____________________________________________________________________

Béla Tarr: Till the End of the World - as advisor (EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherland)

2013 _____________________________________________________________________
Forgotten Neighbours - The History of Jewish families living in Pápa (LAMOTH, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, LA, USA, Mentsch Foundation)

2012 _____________________________________________________________________
Our Forgotten Neighbours - 
The History of Jewish families living in Pápa (Pápa, Synagogue, curator: András Gyekiczki)

2011 _____________________________________________________________________
"Rosenthal lived here" - a new permanent exhibition of the Hungarian Jewish Archive (Budapest, curator: Zsuzsanna Toronyi)

2010 _____________________________________________________________________
Budapest 20 - 20 Years of a Free City (Budapest Historical Museum, curator: dr. László Varga)

2008 _____________________________________________________________________
Nagy Imre Memorial House - New Permanent Exhibition

2007-2008 ________________________________________________________________

Rome in Aquincum (Aquincum Museum, curator:  dr. Paula Zsidi)

2005 _____________________________________________________________________

Clay Samans and Stone Jaguars - Art from the ancient Ecuador (Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, curator: János Gyarmati)

2004 _____________________________________________________________________

The Citizen Betrayed - On the Memory of the Hungarian Holocaust (Hungarian permanent exhibition of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Oswiecim, Poland)

"Samizdat" - Alternative Culture in East and Central Europe 1956-1989  (Millenáris, Budapest)

2003 _____________________________________________________________________

Created Tradition (Museum of Etnography, Budapest, curator: Akos Kovacs )

2002 _____________________________________________________________________

Happiness, City, Space - Ideas and Promises of Happiness in Urbanism and Architecture of Europe 1945-2000 (design & concept, Akademie der Künste, Berlin in co-operation with the Netherlands Architectuurinstituut, Rotterdam)

"Samizdat" - Alternative Culture in East and Central Europe 1956-1989  (National Museum, Prague)

"Samizdat"  Alternative Culture in East and Central Europe 1956-1989 (European Parliament, Brussels)

2000 ____________________________________________________________________

"Szamizdat" Alternative Culture in East and Central Europe 1956-1989 (Akademie der Künste, Berlin,  in cooperation with the Forschungstelle Osteuropa an der Universitat Bremen)

1998 _____________________________________________________________________

Born of a Metropolis  (Budapest Historical Museum, curator: Katalin F. Dózsa)

1996 _____________________________________________________________________

The Centenary of the Budapest Subway (metro stations, Budapest, Budapest Historical Museum, curator: Katalin F. Dózsa)

Hommage a Imre Nagy (Budapest Historical Museum, curator: Emil Horn)
The representation of 1956 in the Press 
(Soros Foundation, Open Society Archive, Budapest)

The representation of 1956 in the French Press (Institute Francais, Budapest, curator: Emil Horn)
Hungarian Millennium - (Rathaus, Vienna, Austria)

1994 _____________________________________________________________________

Holocaust in Hungary (Budapest Historical Museum, curator: Emil Horn) 

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