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ÁTJÁRÓHÁZ (in production, production designer, director: Isti Madarász, Focus Fox)

AKIK MARADTAK / THOSE WHO REMAINED (production designer, director: Barnabás Tóth, INFORG-M&M Film)trailer

OSTROM / SIEGE (production designer, SZFE, director: István Kovács)2018 Student Academy Award  trailer

CURTIZ (consultant production designer, Halluci-Nation, director: Tamás Topolánszky)trailer

NAPSZÁLLTA / SUNSET (production designer, Laokoon Film, director: László Nemes) trailer

ANONS / THE ANNOUNCEMENT (production designer, Filmotto, director: Mahmut Fazil Coskun)trailer

ALMA (in post-production, production designer, DUO Productions Iceland, director: Kristín Jóhannesdóttir)

NIGHT SONG (production designer, director: Henriett Tunyogi)

1945 (production designer, Katapult Film, director: Ferenc Török)trailer, poster

2013-15 _____________________________________________________________________

GUILT (production designer, Lionsgate-ABC, director: Gary Fleder)

LA CAJA VACÍA/ THE EMPTY BOX (production designer, director: Claudia Sainte-Luce)

THE MARTIAN (art director HU, Twentieth Century Fox, director: Ridley Scott) trailer
"...It’s a big production, Martian. I mean, just the set for Mission Control in Houston was…I just wanted to take pictures of it. It’s just phenomenal…” - Jeff Daniel on ‘The Martian’s “Phenomenal” Set - Agustus 27, 2015 -▼  images


SON OF SAUL / SAUL FIA (production designer, Laokoon Film, director: László Nemes) -
Oscar 2016 - Winner for Foreign Language
Golden Globe 2016 in the Best Motion Picture- - Foreign Language Film category
Grand Prix of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival
Bafta Prize 2017 - Film Not in the English Langage
trailer      images

“ Oscars 2016: How architect László Rajk's designs gave 'Son of Saul' its suffocating authenticity… “ - interview with László Rajk by Carolina A. Miranda, Los Angeles Times, February 14, 2016 -  - (printed version)

“ Saul works at one of Auschwitz's crematoriums (nightmarishly designed by production designer László Rajk in a warehouse outside Budapest)…” - by Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, Dec 17, 2015 - 

“ shoot on 35mm film stock lends the images an immense tactility and subtle richness of color, even within the squalid, shadowy camp interiors (as expertly re-created by production designer Laszlo Rajk).” - by Justin Chang, Chief Film Critic, May 14, 2015 - 

"My production designer [László Rajk] is a real architect. He is the one who designed the Hungarian exhibition at Auschwitz. He is extremely knowledgeable about these questions, about architecture. I think this setting affected everyone very deeply. It felt real. The lighting was integrated into the building. You didn’t have the feeling of being in a movie set…” - interview with Laszlo Nemes by Carolina A. Miranda, Los Angeles Times, January 6, 2016 -

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BETONZAJ / CONCRETE NOISE (production designer, SZFE, director: István Kovács) trailer

MIRAGE / DÉLIBÁB (production designer, Filmpartners - Mirage Film - MPHILS Production, director: Szabolcs Hajdu) trailer 

2012 _____________________________________________________________________

Member of the International Jury The 10th International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), Geneve, Switzerland 

2011 _____________________________________________________________________

THE TURIN HORSE / A TORINÓI LÓ (production designer in pre-production, TT Filmműhely, 
director: Béla Tarr) trailer 
“...The lives of the young woman and her father, who live in an isolated house with a dirt floor and a wood-burning stove, are circumscribed by the routines of survival.” - by A.O. Scott, February 9, 2012 - The New York Times 

                                                                         Jury Grand Prix - Silver Bear

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2010  _____________________________________________________________________

director: László Nemes Jeles, Tímea Várkonyi)

MANNERHEIM (pre-production, production designer, Liberty Production-HCC, director: Renny Harlin)

2009 _____________________________________________________________________

THE HISTORY OF AVIATION / A REPÜLÉS TÖRTÉNETE (designer, Café Film, director: Bálint Kenyeres)

THE COUNTERPART (production designer, Inforg-Havas, director: László Nemes Jeles)

2008 _____________________________________________________________________

JOHN ADAMS (senior art director, HBO, director: Tom Hooper)

2007 _____________________________________________________________________

WITH A LITTLE PATIENCE / TÜRELEM (production designer, Inforg, director: Nemes Jeles László) the movie 

THE COMPANY (art director, TNT, director: Mikael Salomon) trailer 

2003-2007 ________________________________________________________________

THE MAN FROM LONDON / A LONDONI FÉRFI (production designer, TT Filmműhely, director:  Béla Tarr) trailer 
“The tower in 'The Man from London’ is also an artificial construction at the port of Bastia, and the farm in 'The Turin Horse' is an entirely artificial construction.” - András Bálint Kovács, The Cinema of Béla Tarr: The Circle Closes, Columbia University Press, 2013 

2001 _____________________________________________________________________

DRACULA (production designer, Lux, director: David Young)

2000 ____________________________________________________________________

THE COLDEST NIIGHT /A LEGHIDEGEBB ÉJSZAKA (production designer, MTV-Mythberg, director: Péter Gothár)

THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER /KOLDUS ÉS KIRÁLYFI (production designer, Hallmark Ent., director: Giles Foster)
IM JULI (as adviser in the pre-production period, director: Fatih Akin)

1998 _____________________________________________________________________

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT/BŰN ÉS BŰNHŐDÉS (production designer, Hallmark Ent., director: Joseph Sargent)

1997 _____________________________________________________________________

WHEN TRUMPETS FADE...(production designer, HBO NY, director:  John Irvin) trailer 

APA GYŐZ (production designer, director: Júlia Sára)

1995 _____________________________________________________________________

FIRE, FIRE / ÉG A VÁROS - (production designer, NOVOFILM, director: Pál Sándor)

EZ VAN, AZAREL (production designer, director: Júlia Sára)

HOLOCAUST IN HUNGARY / ELMONDTÁK-E? (documentary, director: Jancsó Miklós)

1994 _____________________________________________________________________

MINDEN ÚGY VAN, AHOGY VAN (production designer, TMA Film, director: Júlia Sára)

1992 _____________________________________________________________________

LATCHO DROM (adviser, A-Pix, director: Tony Gatlif)

1989 _____________________________________________________________________

MUSIC BOX (art director, Tri Star, director: Costa Gavras)

                                                                Golden Berlin Bear

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SZÉDÜLÉS (production designer, director:  János Szász)

1988 _____________________________________________________________________

RED HEAT / VÖRÖS ZSARU (art director, Carolco, director: Walter Hill)

FORCED MARCH / ERŐLTETETT MENET (production designer, A-pix, director: Rick King)

1987 _____________________________________________________________________

MISS ARIZONA (production designer, director: Sándor Pál)

BYE BYE RED RIDING HOOD / PIROSKA ÉS A FARKAS (production designer, director: Márta Mészáros)

JUST LIKE AMERICA / TISZT AMERIKA (production designer, director: Péter Gothár)

SZERELEM MÁSODIK VÉRIG (production designer, director: Dobray György)

AZ ÖRDÖG TALIZMÁNJA (production designer, MTV, director: Maár Gyula)

1986 _____________________________________________________________________

LENZ (BBS, director: Szirtes András)

SZÖRNYEK ÉVADJA (plan, with Gábor Bachman, director: Jancsó Miklós)

1985 _____________________________________________________________________

TIME / IDŐ VAN (production designer, director: Gothár Péter)

SEMMI KONSTRUKCIÓJA - video series, unfinished (with Gábor Bódy, Péter Esterházy, Gábor Bachman, György Soós, Péter Vallai)

SCUDERI KISASSZONY (MTV, with Gábor Bachman, director: Maár Gyula)

GLOOMY SUNDAY / SZOMORÚ VASÁRNAP (MTV, with Gábor Bachman, director: Sándor Pál)

1984 _____________________________________________________________________

EMBEREVŐ SZERELME (ZDF, director: Katalin Pázmándy, Mari Cantu)

1983 _____________________________________________________________________

DOG’S NIGHT SONG / KUTYA ÉJI DALA (with Gábor Bachman, director: Bódy Gábor)

1981 _____________________________________________________________________

TIME STANDS STILL / MEGÁLL AZ IDŐ (production designer, director: Péter Gothár )

ROMÁNC (MTV, director: András Mész)

NINIVE (MTV, director: András Surányi)

1980 _____________________________________________________________________

MARTINOVICS (MTV, director: Judit Elek)

1979 _____________________________________________________________________

VERZIÓ (actor, designer, BBS, director: Erdély Miklós)

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